TBK ComboKooler Ultimate Soft Cooler Review

TBK ComboKooler Ultimate Soft Cooler

  • Versatile soft-sided cooler keeps items fresh, hot, or cold
  • Insulating properties works with frozen or hot foods
  • Use for camping, fishing, parties, picnics and tailgating
  • Available in 54-quart and 105-quart sizes
  • Perfect for grocery store and warehouse club shopping

The TBK ComboKooler is the most versatile soft-sided cooler on the market. The ComboKooler keeps your fresh items fresh, your hot items hot and your cold items cold. It’s perfect for boating, camping, catering, fishing, hunting, parties, picnic outings, sporting events and tailgating. It keeps drinks icy cold and is easy to transport, easy to storage and easy to clean. Keep a TBK ComboKooler in your car for fresh and frozen groceries. It is perfect for bringing home refrigerated or frozen foods from the grocery store or warehouse club store. The TBK ComboKooler will help keep your dairy products cold, your meat and fish fresh and your ice cream frozen. Can be used in conjunction with our KoolerGel or with bagged ice. Can also be used alone on shorter trips. Have a pot luck dinner to go to but hate getting there with cold food? The ComboKooler works equally well for keeping hot foods hot. The insulating properties of the ComboKooler work with frozen or cold foods to keep the inside nice and frosty, even without a cooling source. Same goes for transporting hot foods. No more cold take-home pizza. The TBK ComboKooler is available in two convenient sizes. The large ComboKooler has a generous 105 quarts of storage space (28″ x 18 1/4″ x 11 1/2″) and the small ComboKooler has 54 quarts of storage space (20 1/4″ x 18″ x 8 1/2″). The ComboKooler comes separately or in a combo pack with one large and one small. The small bag fits conveniently inside the large bag for easy storage.

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